Tips on How to Maintain Your Eyelash Extension

Eyelash extensions have become a sought-after beauty enhancement, offering the allure of longer, fuller, and more dramatic lashes without the need for mascara. While they can instantly elevate your look, maintaining them is crucial to ensuring they last long and look as splendid as they did on the first day.  

Tips on How to Maintain Your Eyelash Extension 

Let’s delve into some tips that will help you get the most out of eyelash extensions Toronto. 

Mind the First 48 Hours:  

The initial 48 hours (about 2 days) for post-application are crucial. Most adhesive glues require this time to fully set. It’s essential to avoid water, steam, saunas, and even excessive sweating during this period to ensure the lashes bond properly. 

Sleep on Your Back:  

Sleeping face down can cause your extensions to bend, break, or shed prematurely. Try to sleep on your back, especially during the first few days, to prevent any unwanted pressure on the lashes. 

Brush Them Gently:  

Just like you brush your hair, your extensions need gentle combing too. Using a clean, soft-bristled lash brush, comb your lashes daily to prevent tangling and keep them in place. 

Avoid Oil-based Products:  

Oil can weaken the glue used in lash extensions. When choosing makeup removers, cleansers, or eye products, ensure they’re oil-free to maintain the longevity of your extensions. 

Steer Clear of Mascara:  

One of the perks of eyelash extensions is that you can skip the mascara. If you do choose to apply mascara, make sure it’s water-based and only apply it to the tips of the extensions. 

Limit Exposure to Steam and Heat:  

Saunas, steam rooms, and even baking near a hot oven can weaken the adhesive. If possible, limit your exposure to high heat and steam to prolong the life of your extensions. 

Stay Gentle:  

When cleansing the face or removing makeup, be gentle around the eye area. Use soft, patting motions, and avoid rubbing, which can lead to lash loss. 

Resist the Urge to Pull:  

If you feel an extension is out of place or uncomfortable, resist the urge to pull or tug on it. Instead, visit your technician for a touch-up or removal to prevent damaging your natural lashes. 

Refrain from Using Waterproof Eye Products:  

Waterproof makeup, especially mascara and eyeliners, is harder to remove and often requires oil-based removers. These can affect the longevity of your extensions. 

Keep Them Clean:  

Believe it or not, eyelash extensions can accumulate dirt, oil, and makeup. Use a gentle, oil-free lash cleanser a few times a week to keep them clean and fresh. 

Opt for Regular Touch-ups:  

Every 2-3 weeks, it’s a good idea to get a touch-up. Natural lashes shed, taking the extension with them. Regular touch-ups ensure your lashes always look full and voluminous. 

Stay Hydrated:  

Keeping your body hydrated can indirectly benefit your lashes. Healthy skin and hair follicles support longer-lasting extensions. 

Invest in a Silk Pillowcase:  

Unlike cotton pillowcases, which can cause friction, silk is smoother and gentler on your extensions, reducing the risk of them getting caught or pulled out during sleep. 

Avoid Eyelash Curlers:  

Mechanical eyelash curlers can crimp or damage extensions. Since most extensions already have a curl, there’s typically no need for additional curling. 

Trust Professionals for Removal:  

If you decide eyelash extensions aren’t for you or want a break, always have them professionally removed. This ensures minimal damage to your natural lashes. 

Conclusion: Tips on How to Maintain Your Eyelash Extension  

While eyelash extensions offer a fabulous, mascara-free life with beautiful, dramatic eyes, they do require some care. By following the above tips and maintaining regular touch-up sessions with a trusted technician, you can ensure your extensions remain gorgeous for weeks on end.